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When you hear the term “All Star Band," one question comes to mind... who’s in it? The American Vinyl All Star Band is composed of the iconic members from your favorite classic rock bands.

This international dynamic line-up of musicians includes:

Jeffery “Skunk” Baxter founding member of Steely Dan and guitarist from the Doobie Brothers, Skunk unquestionably is one of the rock/pop world’s most influential guitarist, having played on over 2500 recordings. Barry Goudreau, guitarist, formerly of the band Boston.... who's first record is still the fasting selling debut album of all time. The melodic sounds of Leroy “LSR” Romans keyboardist of The Wailers and Third World, mold the driving rythyms of Robert “Mousey” Thompson drummer from the James Brown Band and Tim Archibald bass player from RTZ & Peter Wolf BandDanny Beissel fronts this iconic roster of talent. 

This powerhouse comes together as The American Vinyl All Star Band to stake its' claim in ROCK HISTORY!

Experience legendary music as AVASB performs a collective of hits from their previous bands.


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