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Leroy “LSR” Romans - Keyboards/Vocals

Musician/Producer/ Engineer/Songwriter/Composer/Arranger


From Kingston Jamaica, Leroy Romans’ accomplishments stem from his early interest in music as a child that led him to play flute and later keyboards and getting into producing music. While attending high school, he landed a scholarship to the “Jamaica School of Music” college where he continued his study in classical flute. During that process, he became interested in other genres of music, which lead him to keyboards which grew into an obsession for performance and producing different genres. Today some of his history includes being a studio musician, doing tours and productions with a host of international acclaimed entertainers including: The Wailers, Jimmy Cliff, Maxi Priest, Shaggy, Roberta Flack, Jazz Pianist Monty Alexander, Rihanna, co-producing the Grammy Nominated Album, “Generation Coming,” with legendary group Third World, co-producing The Wailers with Junior Marvin and Bunny Wailer and more. He also did full album production on "The Cure" album with Smooth Jazz sensation Johnny James. This album incorporated a host of jazz greats such as Paul Brown and other celebrity musicians. Romans later co-produced "Out of the Grid" full album with Bobby Thomas Jr. of the legendary Jazz group “Weather Report.” Leroy also produced soundtracks for movies such as “Bahama Hustle” with former group "Courage Band." He later produced "Dolphin Hustle," the theme song for the Miami Dolphins, and co-produced (with producer Tony Kelly) a soundtrack for the movie “Illegal Tender” by John Singleton. Dedicated to all things music and film, he also scored a movie trailer with sound- designing for Polychrome Pictures.


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